Since 1964 an essential reference point for social sciences

The Foundation

Founded in 1964 with the donation of the collection of books, serials and documents belonging to Luigi Einaudi to make them accessible to both Italian and foreign researchers.


More than 263.000 books and 3.817 serials specializing in economic, historical and social sciences since the 18th century and aiming at university and post-graduate research.

Historical archive

Of “considerable historical interest”, it has more than 400.000 documents belonging to Luigi Einaudi and 16 other major figures of the economic, political, social and cultural history of the 20th century.


Research findings are published in three series, the Annals (continues: Annali), the Studi and the Scrittori di politica, economia e storia.


Annals of the Fondazione Luigi Einaudi is a new, peer-reviewed biannual academic journal aiming to promote interdisciplinarity as a method of scientific inquiry and a highly relevant issue in social sciences.


During more than 50 years of activity, the Foundation has assigned more than 1.200 scholarships and research grants in the social sciences.

Luigi Einaudi

Economist, statesman, governor of the Bank of Italy and first elected President of the Italian Republic, born in Carrù in 1874 and died in Rome in 1961.

Robert Michels

The family background of the sociologist, whose papers are in the Foundation archives, is available online as written by his granddaughter Maria Gallino.



Opening hours, useful information, telephone numbers, email contacts, parking, public transport and maps to reach the Einaudi Foundation, via Principe Amedeo 34, in the centre of Turin.

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