The newspaper library houses 3.817 domestic and foreign serials, 586 still ongoing, amongst which there are several sets that include over 100 complete numbered collections. In particular, the Library has one of the most complete collections of «The Economist» (from its origins in 1843 till today) in the world. The only other collection, which was owned by the newspaper, was destroyed during the London bombings in 1942. Amongst other ultra-centenarian titles the following are to be mentioned: «The American Economic Review» (1911-…); «Papers and proceedings of the American Economic Association» (1909-…); «Giornale degli economisti», continued by «Giornale degli economisti  e rivista di statistica», continued by «Giornale degli economisti  e annali di economia» (1875-2012); «The Economic Journal» (1891-…); «The Quarterly Journal of Economics» (1886-…); «Revue d’économie politique» (1887-…); «Rivista storica italiana » (1884-…); «The American Historical Review» (1895/96-…); «Historische Zeitschrift» (1859-…); «History» (1912-…); «The Journal of American History» (1914/15-…);  «Rassegna storica del Risorgimento» (1914-…); «Revue Historique» (1876-…);  «Annuario statistico italiano» (1886-…);  «The Journal of Political Economy» (1892-…).

There are about 90 online serials consultable on site on economic, political, historical and social science topics as well as the following data bases: Business source premiere, Sociological Abstracts, OECD e Il Mulino.

Thanks to the project Bess Digital Archive the following are available on-line:

Furthermore the library holds 633 Italian and foreign Annual company accounts. The relative list is available below in pdf.
Bilanci di società-Annual company accounts.