Publications are distributed by  Casa Editrice Leo Olschki.
All collections of publications reflect the quality of research which the Foundation has always promoted.

Annali della Fondazione Luigi Einaudi have been published since 1967, three years after the Luigi Einaudi Foundation was established (see the list in PDF here) and their publication continued until 2016. Their fundamental characteristic was that they were very closely linked with the research promoted and funded by the Foundation, this ranging within different historical, social and economic disciplines. The first part of each volume (Cronache della Fondazione) contained, in fact, an accurate report of the initiatives promoted by the institution during each year of publication. This was followed by the outright research aids (Saggi) and the proceedings of conferences organized by the Foundation, whereas the final part of each volume (Testi e documenti) was dedicated to the publication of unreleased works which were kept in the Historical Archive.
Throughout the decades scholars who have collaborated with the Annali subsequently have become prominent in Italian academic, cultural and economic life. In 2017 the Annali were radically renovated, published in English and they became the Annals of the Fondazione Luigi Einaudi, a peer-reviewed biannual academic journal: see

 «Annali» nos 1-43 (1967-2009) have been digitalized: see here.
To learn about the Indices of the Annali, go to Indici Annali 1967-2016.

The series of Studi, born in 1967 as well, is  receptive to large-scale effort papers, conference proceedings and monographic research (see the list in pdf).
They have been digitalized: see here.

These two series are completed by Scrittori di politica, economia e storia, this including works which summarize the life and writings of great figures of Italian scholarly thinking (see the list in PDF).
They have been digitalized: see here.

Created alongside these series distributed by Olschki, the collection Testi e contesti was overseen by Giuseppe Ricuperati and published by Nino Aragno (see the list in PDF).

Finally, some out-of-series publications have been produced (see the list in PDF).
They have been digitalized: see here.