The Foundation


Founded in 1964 with the donation of Luigi Einaudi’s collections by his family and the support of public authorities, credit institutions and private companies of Turin, it was later acknowledged by a Presidential Decree in 1966.

Housed in Palazzo d’Azeglio, owned by FIAT, the institute has acquired a leading position amongst social science research centres.

This position has been pursued through the continued growth of the library, the creation and preservation of the archive, the support to young scholars through scholarships, the promotion of publications and the organization of seminars and conferences.

The Luigi Einaudi Foundation npo offers thanks for all the support given to its life and cultural activities: Compagnia di San Paolo, Comune di Torino, FCA, Fondazione CRT, MiBACT, Regione Piemonte e San Giacomo Charitable Foundation (Washington DC, USA).