National Edition of the Writings by Luigi Einaudi

The “National edition of the writings by Luigi Einaudi” is a collection of Luigi Einaudi’s most significant writings. It will include the most important works of the scholarly and periodical production of the economist, statesman and opinion-maker. Through this accurate selection the Foundation offers direct access to Einaudi’s precious legacy, providing, at the same time, a guidance through the more than 30.000 pages he wrote.

The collection consists of thirteen volumes, divided in thematic macro-sections: three volumes about economics; three volumes about history; three volumes about politics and Europe, a volume of autobiographical writings, a volume of methodological and unpublished writings, a volume about agriculture and territory and a volume of bibliophilistic writings and documents.

The first volume about economics, the first volume about history, the first volume of writings on politics and Europe, and the volume about agriculture and territory were recently published and are available in PDF format.



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