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Through the awarding of scholarships and research grants, the Foundation fulfills its vocation and commitment, supporting the education of hundreds of young scholars from all over the world, ensuring a free and inclusive access to knowledge.

The extent of the Foundation's work can be evaluated, in quantitative terms, through the more than 1,200 scholarships and research grants it has awarded, since 1967, to young scholars working in different fields of social sciences.

This institution has always wanted to invest considerable financial resources in education and research, considering this sector essential to the needs not only of the cultural world but, especially, of the social and economic one.

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To whom are the research or study grants of the Einaudi Foundation paid?

To PhDs in the following research fields: economic theory, economic policy, modern and contemporary history, economic and social history, political science.

When does the call for research or study grants come out?

It usually comes out in the spring. It is announced in the News section and on the social networks of the Foundation.

How should the application for research or study grants be sent?

Exclusively online.

What documents must be attached to apply for a research or study grant?

All the required documents are described in the announcement that can be downloaded online.

Are cover letters necessary to apply for a research or scholarship?

2 letters of presentation are required written by teachers who have direct knowledge of the candidate.

How many annual research or scholarships are there?

10, on average.

What is the amount of an annual research or study grant?

The amount is between € 12,000.00 and € 25,000.00 (depending on the type of scholarship).

Are the research or study grants of the Einaudi Foundation compatible with other forms of funding?



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