Historical archive

It started in 1968 from the dual donation of the papers belonging to Luigi Einaudi and the former minister of Finance Paolo Thaon di Revel.

Over the years since, it has grown through various donations of the papers of Manlio Brosio, Giovanni Busino, Attilio Cabiati, Mario Einaudi, Alberto Geisser, Roberto Michels, Augusto Monti, Francesco Saverio Nitti, Gian Lupo Osti, Luca Pietromarchi, Giuseppe Prato, Franco Reviglio, Agostino Rocca, Ruggiero Romano, Franco Venturi, as well as a collection of miscellaneous papers.

All of the collections which are currently housed refer to economic, political, social and cultural history of the 20th century and are available for reference to all qualified scholars.

The current amount of papers exceeds 400.000 units.

Researchers can benefit from printed, paper or digital catalogues.

In the section “Archival collections”, available on the menu above, it is possible to learn about the contents, the reference procedures, the bibliographical information and description of each collection.