The Fondazione Luigi Einaudi publishes a journal, three book series, and occasional volumes.

The journal was published from 1967, three years after the Foundation was established, until 2016 as the Annali della Fondazione Luigi Einaudi; these made available a chronicle of the Foundation’s activities, essays, conference proceedings, and documents from the Foundation’s Archive.  For a full set of tables of contents see here; digitalized copies of all vols. 1–50 (1967–2016) are freely downloadable here.  In 2017 the journal was transformed; it became an English-language peer-reviewed biannual open-access academic journal, and renamed Annals of the Fondazione Luigi Einaudi.

The book series are:

Studi, also published from 1967, are dedicated to major research efforts, conference proceedings, and the like. The list of titles can be found here; digitalized copies of vols. 1–53 can be freely downloaded here.  In-print volumes can be purchased from the Casa Editrice Leo Olschki.

Scrittori di politica, economia e storia, dedicated to the lives and works of major Italian thinkers. These volumes are listed here, and can be freely downloaded here; copies can be purchased from the Casa Editrice Leo Olschki.

Testi e contesti, dedicated to works of erudition. These volumes, listed here, are distributed by Nino Aragno. 

The occasional books, on disparate topics, are listed here.  They are freely downloadable here.